Xbox One TournamentsX Box has several different tournaments where you can actually win money. The most popular Xbox One tournaments at this time including the number of ladders that are available are found below.



Tournaments at this time:

• COD: Black Ops III has 6 ladders

• Starwars Battlefront has 4 ladders

• Advanced Warfare has 4 ladders

• Rocket League has 3 ladders

• Metal Gear Solid V has 3 ladders

• Rainbow Six: Siege has 3 ladders

• Grand Theft Auto V has 3 ladders

• CoD: Ghosts has 3 ladders

• FIFA 16 has 3 ladders

• NHL 16 has 2 ladders

• Mortal Kombat X has 2 ladders

• Battlefield Hardline has 2 ladders

• NBA 2K16 has 2 ladders

• Madden NFL 16 has 1 ladder

• Tony Hawk’s PS 5 has 1 ladder

• Evolve has 1 ladder

• Rory McIlroy PGA has 1 ladder

• WWE 2K16 has 1 ladder

• Yu-Gi-Oh! has 1 ladder
These tournaments have become so popular across all platforms that you can even watch them live online or even replays. All Xbox One fans enjoy tuning in and watching the tournaments even if they do not join a ladder or tournament at this time. However, by watching they learn new tips and tricks from the gamers so they can improve their game and get in on some of money that these gamers win.

The more popular a game becomes the more ladders will be added, so if you enjoy a game and think you can make it to the top of the ladder get in there and start or at least watch the pros until you have the nerve. This is especially true when you are talking about games like COD: Black Ops III has 6 ladders, Starwars Battlefront has 4 ladders, and Advanced Warfare has 4 ladders. These gamers are hardcore and will take you down if you are not in the zone.