Xbox 360 Game Tournaments and Ladders

The Xbox 360 console was created to compete with Nintendo’s Wii and Sony’s Playstation 3. The unveiling of the Xbox 360 was on May 12, 2005 on MTV

Xbox 360 Game TournamentsWhat made the 360 a very popular game console is that it offered more than just a gaming system but also an online service known as Xbox Live. This allowed the console to receive constant updates as needed without extra cost. Of course, there were free and subscription based options for Xbox Live users to enjoy. Some of these features included the ability to download games via Xbox Live Arcade, play games online purchase music, stream music, stream TV programs and even films via Xbox Video and Xbox Music portals.

Xbox 360 had quite a few extras released as well that made the entire system a computing entertainment system. A few of these extras included Kinect motion sensing camera, wireless controllers, and expanded hard drive storage.

This may be an older gaming system and you may think that there are no tournaments for Xbox 360, but you would be sadly mistaken. The Xbox 360 is still very popular and offers fans the enjoyment of watching or being in a tournament, you still have your chance.

Some of the upcoming Xbox 360 includes:

• Call of Duty 4 with 9 ladders

• Halo 3 with 8 ladders

• COD: Black Ops III with 6 ladders

• COD: Black Ops with 4 ladders

• Advanced Warfare with 4 ladders

• COD: MW3 with 3 ladders

• Gears of War 3 with 3 ladders

• CoD: Ghosts with 3 ladders

• COD: Black Ops II with 3 ladders

• Grand Theft Auto V with 3 ladders

• Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 with 3 ladders

• COD: MW2 with 3 ladders

• Halo 4 with 3 ladders

• FIFA 16 with 3 ladders

• NBA 2K16 with 2 ladders