PlayStation Vita Game Tournaments and Ladders

PSVitaThe PlayStation Vita was released in December 2011 in Japan is a handheld game console. This console was created to replace the Playstation Portable, commonly known as the PS Vita. Finally, in February of 2012 it was released in other countries to compete with the Nintendo 3DS.

Features were the main draw to this handheld gaming device as it has two cameras one in the front and one in the rear. The cameras were both 0.3 megapixel that run at 320×240 at 120 frames or 640×480 (VGA) at 60 frames, which could take either photos or videos, due to the applications that were built in the system.

The Vita is also compatible backwards with many of the PlayStation Portable games along with a few other backwards compatible platforms such as PlayStation minis. At first, not every PSone Classics were compatible with the PS Vita and then the service was closed as of September of 2015.

The PlayStation Vita also has the capability to be used like a screen for the PS4 to allow users to stream from their PS4 to their Vita. Even though this capability was not supported, everywhere there were locations that allowed a game to be played at another location via the PlayStation controller while the viewer saw real time information on the TV. Playstation 4 games can also be played on the PS Vita. The PS Vita also worked with the Playstation 4 in pretty much the same way.

Even though the PlayStation Vita may not be very popular when it comes to tournaments, there are still a few such as:

• BlazBlue: CSE with 1 ladder

• MotorStorm RC with 1 ladder

• SF x Tekken with 1 ladder

If you are PS Vita fan, maybe you should join in the fun and even bring in more fans.