Playstation 4 Game Tournaments and Ladders

PS4 as gamers call it was the successor to the PS3 that offered blu ray disc and DVD, making it a great game console as well as one that you could use to watch blu ray movies. PS4’s competitors are Microsoft’s Xbox One, and Nintendo’s Wii U.

PS4 TournamentWith more than 35.9 million consoles sold as of January 2016, you can imagine just how many fans are out there. True PS4 gamers do more though than just play their favorite games, but they join ladders and tournaments to see if they can make it to the top and often win money.

Yes, there are real live single as well as team tournaments all the time and you either join or just watch the live stream of any tournament you choose.

Tournaments at this time:

• COD: Black Ops III has 6 ladders

• Starwars Battlefront has 4 ladders

• Advanced Warfare has 4 ladders

• Rocket League has 3 ladders

• Grand Theft Auto V has 3 ladders

• Rainbow Six: Siege has 3 ladders

• Metal Gear Solid V has 3 ladders

• CoD: Ghosts has 3 ladders

• FIFA 16 has 3 ladders

• NHL 16 has 2 ladders

• Mortal Kombat X has 2 ladders

• Battlefield Hardline has 2 ladders

• NBA 2K16 has 2 ladders

• Madden NFL 16 has 1 ladder

• Tony Hawk’s PS 5 has 1 ladder

• Evolve has 1 ladder

• Rory McIlroy PGA has 1 ladder

• WWE 2K16 has 1 ladder

• Yu-Gi-Oh! has 1 ladder

Whether you are a sports fan or just love blowing up the other team with your expertise if PS4 is your favorite console you will find a tournament that will keep you interested in just watching or maybe learning a few new tips and tricks from previous winners.