Sony came out with the PS3 to compete with Nintendo’s Wii and Microsoft’s Xbox 360, which was released in November of 2006 in Japan. The PS3 is the very first console to use Blu ray disc as its main storage. The console offered a variety of features that unified its online service known as the PlayStation Network and was also about to be connected to Playstation Vita and Playstation Portable.

Playstation 3An updated version of the PS3 was released known as the Playstation 3 Slim, which was thinner and lighter than the first version. By November 2013, there were 80 million consoles sold across the globe. Other features offered by the PS 3 included the PlayStation Now service that can be used to stream games on different devices such as the PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4, and even on its own console. Media available with the PS3 was remarkable which included DVD, Blu-ray PlayStation 3 game disc, PlayStation 2 game disc (1st & 2nd generations only), Compact Disc, Digital distribution, and Super Audio CD (1st & 2nd generations only).

Once again you may believe that the PS3 is old news, but not to quite a few hardcore gamers. You can still find ladders and tournaments that are sure to get those fingers ready to go.

At this time, the most popular battles and Tournaments include:

• COD: Black Ops III with 6 ladders

• COD: MW3 with 5 ladders

• Advanced Warfare with 4 ladders

• CoD: Ghosts with 3 ladders

• Grand Theft Auto V with 3 ladders

• COD: Black Ops II with 3 ladders

• COD: Black Ops with 3 ladders

• FIFA 16 with 3 ladders

• NBA 2K16 with 2 ladders

As you can see, there are still some PlayStation 3 gamers out there that are playing ladders for fun or joining in tournaments to win real cold hard cash.