Nintendo_DSThe Nintendo DS is a gaming console that offers a dual screen and was released in November 2004 in North America. This handheld gaming device offered two LCD screens that work in tandem with the one at the bottom offering a touchscreen, wireless connectivity, and a microphone built into the unit. The clamshell design of the Nintendo DS is very close to the Game Boy Advance SP.

Other features that got the attention of the Nintendo fans was its capability to interact directly with several DS consoles at the same time over Wi-Fi, that were in close enough range without the need for a wire.

The backward compatible with Game Boy Advance cartridges was another huge feature. The Nintendo DS game cards are smaller and fit right into the slot on the top of the console, with the Game Boy Advance games fitting into a slot at the bottom.

Several accessories were also created for the Nintendo DS, which included the Rumble Pak, which was slot expansion, headset that would plug into the headset port that allowed one earphone and a microphone, and the cross platform browser Opera for the Nintendo DS console.

The Wi-Fi Connector was of course one of the most popular as you could play a game with a friend next door without being connected via a wire. Nintendo even released a MP3 Player in some countries. If you purchase the Guitar Hero for the Nintendo DS, it came with a guitar grip.

Even though the Nintendo DS does not have as many fans as it once did when it comes to challenges, there are still a few die-hard fans.

The tournaments available at this time for Nintendo DS include:

• Mario Kart 7 with 1 ladder

• Pokemon X/Y with 1 ladder

• Super Smash Bros with 1 ladder